Our Quality Documents

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, BSCI (Ref. No: MEM_7b8c38, DBID: 23826), SEDEX (Ref. No: P000000040478), OEKOTEKS

We’are also approved by Marks&Spencer as “metal free factory”.

Our Metal Policy

• Our factory is TOTALLY metal free.

• All the necessary precautions are taken for subjects that may cause risk against human health at all processes. (from the entrance of raw material to the consignment of product.)

• Our employees are constantly being trained and informed about our metal policy starting from the first day of their recruitment.

• We have all the essential instruments, machines and equipments for metal control and their maintenance are carried out regularly.

• We follow all the improvements and changes about the subject, therefore we do not have any difficulty to adapt ourselves to change.

• In this regard our firm, as usual, has an understanding of being pioneer and model in the sector.